I’m one of those hard to satisfy kinda women….you know, the ones that want the dream job, dream guy, dream friends, AND dream self. ( Can I get an A-MEN?)

I’m not good at settling, I have never been. Those who know me best would probably call my appetite for life extravagant- and I can’t disagree!

The biggest example being, my husband.

Now, take a seat, and settle in- because I’m about to spill the hardest story for me to tell; The story of losing & finding my confidence.

I was 21 years old, he was 19. I still remember laughing all night with him- making our way between coffee shops, music gigs, and restaurants. I was a local musician who played oddball church events- and he was my guitarist and backup singer.

We had been playing music together for over a year at this point- but Fall of 2012 was when we became inseparable. We spent over 3 nights a week together! Just bouncing from music gig to practice session, never ceasing to laugh, connect, and spill all of our best-kept secrets.

And then it happened. On a Spring night, driving around Fresno- he admitted that he wanted to be more than friends.

And I- like the crazy, hard to please, an extravagant woman I am- responded, “ I don’t believe in dating. I’ve done that before. I’m ready to get married- and if you are interested in pursuing marriage with me- then we can talk.”

Now, please imagine that I uttered these words with equal parts boldness AND nervousness.

But at this point in my life, I had spent 6 years single, on purpose. I wasn’t interested in dating around, sleeping around, or anything in that realm; I was ready for a man as boss as me to do life with- and my grand appetite told me to wait on it! Lol. Crazy? Yes.

But even crazier?

He said YES! He said that he wanted all in, no take backs, let’s buy a house and make kids kinda thing with me.

And 6 months later, we were married.

The beginning of us was magical. Even remembering our story makes me nervous and giddy.

But somewhere after our engagement, my confidence began to fade.

It had nothing to do with the boy- he is magic. This year, I celebrate 4 years of adventure with him.

But our story- it made people uncomfortable. It brought out an ugly side of family and friends that surprised us both.

I was accused of being pregnant, was called names behind my back, and was approached with suspicion. The stories I could tell you about the beginning of us would make you cringe.

We weren’t treated fairly. And if I’m being honest with you- it took me years to recover.

But somewhere in the process of losing people’s approval AND my confidence, I found even deeper boldness than I’ve ever known- and I have some things to share, that I think can help you!

Here is what I learned:


  1. When the people around you don’t trust, support, and believe in you- your true level of confidence is revealed.
  2. The journey to strong confidence is a process of asking WHY you feel insecure and confronting those reasons bravely.
  3. You are who YOU say you are. End of story.

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So will you join me???

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