Ever started going to the gym and stopped because of your lack of motivation? Ever thought of an amazing business and started off strong but then somewhere along the lines lost the motivation?

I totally understand.

Stop depending on motivation to achieve your goals. That will NOT work long term. Instead focus on your habits.



  1. Know your routine. This is the easiest part. Acknowledge the routine you want to practice and write it down.
  2. Set up a trigger. There are five types of trigger: time, people, location, emotional state, and preceding action. Invest some willpower to move yourself to the routine once the trigger is presented, especially at the beginning stage.
  3. Set up a reward. It could be anything; however, a reward that you associate with positive emotions works best here.

Massive action taker

Massive action is not about huge goals, huge plans, or huge leaps, but it’s about consistency. And what brings consistency? Small, tiny, simple and sustainable actions.

Why tiny actions work best? Let’s get back into the relationship between resistance and energy of every single action, smaller actions simply have lower resistance.

With lower resistance,

  • You need less time and effort to get things done.
  • Fewer excuses for you to skip or ignore your action step.
  • No require of motivational spikes most of the time.
  • You can focus your energy on things that are truly important.
  • You are flexible to pivot and adjust.
  • Able to experience more wins (even they are small).
  • Achieve consistency and progressively improvement.
  • Even if you fall off the routine, it’s easier to pick it back up.
  • And much more…


Always think long-term

This had helped me to grow my business, exercise regularly (based on schedule) and publish an article on my blog every week.

Most people never thought of or focus on this because most of us are used to think short-term. We are wired to crave for instant gratification. But the truth is that small sustainable actions create the biggest impact in the long-term.

Start thinking long term. Start figure out ONE important goal you had set aside for a long time, break them down into smaller goals, and draft tiny actions around them.

Source: Why Tiny Actions Work Best