SYML is the solo venture of Brian Fennell, who was previously part of the indie band Barcelona. SYML released his eponymous debut album on May 3, 2019 through Nettwerk Records.

This particular song is powerful. It came from his own experience from his daughter. She has surgery at 2-years old and endured incredible health challenges.

This song brings me back to my childhood. It makes me proud of the daughter I’ve yet to have. I hope that in the hectic, unsettling world we are living in today this video provides you with hope.

Girl, perfectly her, broken and hurt
Soft and asleep in the morning gray
Shake off the night and don’t hide your face
The sun lights the world with a single flame
I want you to see this
Today and all of your days,
I’ll wear your pain
Heal what I can in your troubled mind
Sometimes our bodies will hurt for some time
And the beauty in that can be hard to find
I want you to find it
I want you to see this
So run, wake up and run my little one
I wanna tear down these walls that can’t hold you inside
And rip out the cords and uncover your eyes
We’ll make our escape in the dark of night
I need you to see this
Girl You’ll see the world and you’ll come to learn
That falling in love is a strange work of art
All of your battles will shape who you are
And know that your scars are my favorite part I want you to know this