I almost didn’t want to share my morning and night routines because they might overwhelm some women or might seem too simple for others. They are routines that I have had for a couple years now and have been tailored to meet my goals. They have helped keep me mentally and physically healthy.

I didn’t want to share them because I once remember looking at another woman’s morning and night routine and feeling like I could never do what she did. As if what I was doing was not good enough.

When you read my morning and night routine remember that it did not come naturally to me. I had to work at it and most of all I had to be gentle with myself when I did not complete my lists. Now I’m in a place in my life where 80% of the time I am able to get through my routines. Sometimes I’m so tired after a workout that I come home and take a nap. Sometimes I’m so tired from the long day that I can barely keep my eyes open to read one sentence of my book. I hope that no matter how many times you fall short of your routine – you never stop pursuing the best version of yourself. So many times we let one bad day ruin the rest of the week, the month or even the year.

Don’t feel obligated or guilty into doing anything on my lists unless you think it will help you with your goals. Ultimately, I’m sharing my lists to help you pinpoint what you need to do for your life.

I would love to know your routines in the comments down below.

Always remember you are good enough and capable of achieving anything.

Morning Routine

Night Routine: