Proven subtle yet powerful things that let you get some insights into a person’s personality.

They are small and subtle because you have to pay really close attention to notice them:

  1. Notice how they argue with others, especially their loved ones. Good people fight to solve problems, not to make others feel like the bad guy.
  2. Notice how they handle any sort of rejection. Are they comfortable with hearing the word no? Do they get angry and think themselves more important than others, or do they accept the fact that they can’t have everything and please everyone?
  3. Look out for how often they get angry or change their emotions drastically. This will tell you a lot about whether the person is emotionally stable and if you should deal with them.
  4. Pay attention how fast people respond to questions. This can give you an idea if they are an introvert who usually take the time to gather their thoughts, or an extrovert, who tend to almost think out loud and love to talk.
  5. See how they react to a change of plans! It shows whether they’re someone who considers the world to be in a constant state of flux and hate constrictions, or if they’re someone who’s rigid, who decide on a clear plan of action and follow through on every step.
  6. See how they handle blame. You can tell a lot about a person by how they handle blame; do they assign it to others or accept it and take responsibility for their mistakes.
  7. Notice how they talk about the less fortunate. People with zero empathy will never even mention the disadvantaged, the homeless, etc. You can also notice how they TREAT these people whenever they meet them, but that’s not a small and subtle thing.
  8. Notice if their main focus is on the past, present, or future in conversations. This will show you a person’s way of thinking, and whether they’re nostalgic or full of regret, if they’re focused on the present, or worry about the future.
  9. Notice if they think how their decisions will affect others, or if they only think about how they’ll be affected. This can also tell you a lot about how a person thinks – whether they’re more empathetic and consider others in their decision-making, or if they’re more selfish and don’t really care what others think.
  10. Notice if they trash-talk or gossip about other people. They’ll probably do this to you when you’re not around.
  11. Notice if they hang around other people for perks or for the company. For example, when inviting someone somewhere, do they say “Let’s invite that guy because he’ll bring drinks”, or “Let’s invite him because he’s fun!”. Do they meet that person just to enjoy his company, or are they more interested in the gains that they can get from him; either monetary gains, connections, etc.
  12. And lastly, notice how the vibe changes when they walk into the room! Does the room suddenly seem quiet? Maybe lighter and happier? It’s basically how their presence affects other people around them.