Society tells women that in order to live a happy fulfilled life she must be married and have children. There is so much pressure to get married and have children that often women end up in terrible relationships. This is not to say that women who are married and have children are not happy. However, there is another choice for women. One that is not often talked about. Do not allow the expectations of society dictate your life. There are women who choose another path.

Leyla Arson did not allow these ridiculous expectations of her to define her life. She carved her own path and did it her own way. The results? Read them for yourself!

“I am almost 44, I’ve never been married, I did not have children and I have no regrets about those choices.

Don’t waste your life worrying about “being alone” because it’s bullshit! Loneliness is a feeling and having a spouse or children does not exempt you from experiencing loneliness. In fact, some of the loneliest people I know are surrounded by people.

Travel the world! I started traveling alone when I was 18, since that time I have visited more than 15 countries by myself. I feel more connected to myself and to the world when I’m walking through a park or standing on top of a mountain in a foreign place – all by myself.

In the photo above I’m in Morocco – I’ve visited multiple Muslim countries alone (gasp!). Traveling alone means you have to politely ask strangers to snap your photo and they’re not always great photographers. That’s probably the biggest problem I’ve had traveling alone.

But I must admit, traveling in Europe is easier for a solo woman. You make more friends.

I can’t say it’s all perfect but what is perfect?  I work hard to live a good life. I’m very careful with my time and who I spend it with – I like what I do for a living, I have good friends and a small but close family.

Life is about choices, you can choose to live a happy life even if you’re alone and you don’t have to be “lonely”.