I know skincare might seem hard but if you know your skin type and the basics you can start your own skincare routine and get going on it.

If you know your skin type skip this part of the post and go directly to my skincare routine.

Everyone has a skin type;

  • Dry skin – feels tight throughout the day and may experience noticeable flaking. Dry skin is largely due to genetics, environmental factors such as lifestyle, diet, hormonal changes, and climate. Dehydration is also a leading cause of dry skin, so drinking plenty of water and avoiding diuretics like alcohol and caffeine can make a significant difference in how your skin feels and looks.
  • Oily skin – you don’t do anything and your whole face has a shiny look with some places even shiner like your forehead or nose. You can touch any part of your face and it will feel oily. Excess oil can oftentimes leave pores congested and clogged. The happy news is that oily skin looks younger and more supple because it has more natural moisture and is less prone to wrinkle.
  • Combination skin – like it sounds , some places of your face will feel oily but then other places will feel dry or not oily at all. So, for example, your forehead is oily but your cheeks are dry.
  • Sensitive skin -managing sensitive skin can be challenging, as it takes considerable time and effort to determine which ingredients cause inflammation and irritation. To make this process easier, introduce only one new formula or product at a time.
  • Normal skin – you’re lucky if you have normal skin, you don’t really suffer from anything skin wise and you don’t get pimples much or at all. Your face doesn’t feel oily or dry in any place and you don’t have redness.
  • Remember you can also have dry sensitive skin or oily-sensitive skin which isn’t that common but in that case, you would make sure any skincare product you use suits sensitive skin too.

Our skin’s needs can change over time, and taking steps to best identify its needs is essential for it to function and look its best. Keeping the health of your skin in mind and “checking in” regularly to determine whether any adjustments to your current ritual are needed will keep it balanced and beautiful.

Now for my morning skincare routine;

  • Cleanse – The most important thing with a cleanser is that they be acidic/low pH. Shoot for a range of about 3-5.5 on the pH scale. This most closely matches the natural pH of your skin. When your skin’s pH is happy, you’re happy. Make sure you’re using a water-based cleanser in the morning. Sometimes I skip this step if my skin still feels clean from my night skincare routine and go right to micellar water. When I do cleanse I always go back to my OG cleanser – the CereVa Foaming Cleanser. It has never let me down and works great with my skin.  It is easy to find a drugstore and has been rated 5-stars year after year.
  • Micellar Water -With a cotton pad, I simply put some micellar water and clean my face and neck with upward motions only. It helps wake me up and makes my skin feel fresh.
  • Toner– Once my skin is nice and clean I use a toner to add a little moisture back into my skin. Toners are perfect for dry, oily, acne-prone, sensitive, aging, etc. Toners can be tailored to treat other skin issues, like redness or dullness. A toner that I love to use is Thayers Rose Petal – Alchohol Free.
  • Moisturize – Every skin type needs moisturizer, it is essential for that glow. If your oily or combo skin use a gel moisturizer since it gives you hydration without making you look oily. If your dry or sensitive stick with creams since you need that deep hydration. If your skin type is normal you can use any moisturizer whether it’s a gel or cream. I’m currently loving Herb Essntls Cannabis Infused Moisturizer.

As the name states, this moisturizer is infused with cannabis! My skin has been loving it. Scaring from previous breakouts are going away. The Cannabis Sativa seed oil has the ability to stimulate your skin’s natural oil production to reach the perfect balance that keeps your skin clean and protected and hydrated at the same time.  This balance that we’re talking about can be affected by the weather, pollution, what you eat, and of course stress. What’s so amazing about using cannabis in skincare is that it helps stimulate your skin to adjust accordingly.

If you’re ever in Seattle and want to stop by and support my friends store #GirlPower go to MoreaSeal and buy yourself a bottle.  If you can’t make it out to Seattle you can always find their products online:

  • Eye serum – Really, eye serum in the morning? For me, it is a must. I wake up at 4:30 am to arrive at work at 6:00 am. I don’t like to use concealer because I can never seem to blend it right and I look like a hot mess when someone takes a picture. Since I started using Maya Chai Eye Achiever my under eyes look like I had at least 8 hours of sleep. My dark circles are almost non-existent. I add an additional level of extra-ness by storing mine in my wine cooler – the cold roller in the morning helps get rid of all the puffiness. Even my husband is obsessed.
  • Lip Balm – I’m just going to say it- I see so many crusty lips out in the world! Yes, their skin might be glowing but their lips look like they’ve been in a drought.  It’s not right. Don’t forget to give your lips some love. I’ve been obsessed with Herb Essntls lip balm. It is formulated with cannabis Sativa oil to help rebuild natural oil barrier; peppermint, beeswax, and honey to protect the lips. Prevents moisture loss while keeping lips hydrated. AKA keeps your lips looking juicy!


  • Body Lotion – Another offense I see people constantly committing is stopping their morning skincare routine at their face. It is called SKINcare, not FACEcare. Give your elbows and knees some love by using your favorite body lotion. I know that in the morning we are all running late so keep some lotion in your purse or at your office. I’ve been using Herb Essnts body lotion and loving it.
  • Face IlluminatorThis step is totally optional. I am extra (as I mentioned before) and like to look like a shining star without makeup. I’ve been obsessed with the Maya Chia Highlighter of the Day – Illuminating Serum. I add a drop to the high points on my cheeks and under my eyebrows. I massage the product with my ring finger and it makes my skin look like I was kissed by the sun at 5:00 am. Since I added this step to my skincare routine I feel so confident with no foundation.PS. Make sure you shake the bottle before using for the BEST results.


I know that there are many steps to my skincare routine but it only takes me 15 minutes in the morning. The whole point of taking care of my skin is to be able to go make-up free without getting asked a million times if I’m sick. This skincare routine has worked for me. What is your skincare routine must-haves? Let me know in the comments down below!