As years have passed the more and more I treasure my morning routine. Without a doubt, my morning routine has helped me find what truly makes me happy. Although, I was content before implementing a morning routine I was never quite as fulfilled as I am now.

These morning routine ideas are simply that – ideas. My intentions are to spark your interest and help pinpoint what might need to add to your morning routine. Don’t feel obligated or guilty to do anything on this list unless you think it aligns with your life goals.

Below are my favorite morning routine ideas.

  • pray
  • read something ( Bible, novel, poetry)
  • say hello to your animals & plants
  • make your bed
  • open your curtains
  • cleanse your face and brush your teeth
  • go outside for a few moments and breath
  • exercise – take a walk or go to the gym
  • drink a glass of water
  • journal, paint, blog. do something that fuels your creativity.
  • brew a fresh cup of coffee or tea
  • make yourself breakfast – anything your heart desires. eat and do nothing else. eat outdoors if possible.
  • connect with family and friends. a simple good morning text goes a long way.
  • carefully choose an outfit that is comfortable and fitting for the day. your clothing should always empower you.
  • apply makeup if desired.
  • put on your favorite perfume.
  • tidy up your space.
  • make a list of three things to do for the day. do them.
  • pack the things you will need for your day
  • remember gratitude. there is always something to be grateful for.
  • understand that today is a new day. it is not yesterday or the day before. it is a new beginning. a complete restart. take pride in that notion every morning and realize that yesterday’s mistakes do not define you.

with love,

Selene Kinder