10 ways to feel radiant: mind and body

One of the most common asked question I receive is how do I improve my mental health and body image. When your mental health suffers your body suffers. The same is true of when you stop working out and eating healthy. Mental health and body image are connected. You cannot have one without the other.

Here are some of the ways that help me feel radiant;

1. Take control of your thoughts, specifically negative, mean and/or nasty thoughts — happiness is a feeling and feelings are influenced by thoughts

2. Push pass minor annoyances — they’re not worth your energy (and will soon pass)

-Is that bad driver really worth getting upset over? Or would your energy be better spent on something else?

how to feel radiant3. Self-care is an internal, ongoing and respectful journey — talk to a therapist, have coffee with a trusted friend, journal, or do yoga. Little things make a big difference.

4. Refrain from judging yourself — you’re a unique creation of God. Be open to learning and growing and forever expanding your comfort zone // speaking to yourself negatively is the equivalent of being your own bully and you wouldn’t speak to someone you love that way

I think we as women we have a responsibility to show young girls how to speak words of love to themselves. We show them by example. We should speak kindly of other people and remind ourselves of our strengths with words of affirmations.  If you have a young girl in your life that you want to empower I highly recommend printing out the FREE words of affirmations I have in this blog.

5. Reflect and understand your boundaries and limitations and be mindful of when your body and mind have had enough or need a break — a radiant mind possesses mental strength, so it’s okay to say ‘no’ if you feel overwhelmed or dissatisfied with a situation or choice

A simple way to begin to reflect is by adding 10 minute journaling to your day. I schedule mine in my calendar and set reminders on my phone to take some time to reflect.

6. Loving and taking care of yourself is not vain or egotistical — if done genuinely and reflectively, it’s an act of love, embracing your existence for the beauty that it is // in this life you are given a soul and a shell, nourish the soul and take care of the shell

7. Value quality over quantity. Instead of buying a shirt that will fall apart after a couple of washes invest in a piece that will last. Be picky about the plates you buy for your home and even the pots and pans. The things you use everyday should reflect your values.  Place quality over quantity as frequently as you can. Remember quality does not mean expensive.

8. Enjoy your moments alone doing simple things (even sleeping is fine) — your life doesn’t have to be full of excitement and show 24/7

9. Ask for forgiveness – we’ve all done wrong, We’ve all said things we shouldn’t have said. It is so much easier for us to want others to ask us for forgiveness but it is so much harder to do the same. If you’re not asking those around you for forgiveness you are holding on to baggage you have no business in carrying.

My husband and I have a little ritual at night. We talk about the highlights of our day and also the ways we could have been better. This conversation often leads into  into asking for forgiveness. We are thoughtful and honest with what we have said and what we should have done.

These conversations of forgiveness have unloaded any heavy baggage we might be carrying around. We let go of the hurt before it becomes grudges.

10. Last but not least, stop keeping your light on dim // shine your light as bright as you can. One of the best ways to feel radiant it to make those around you feel radiant. Compliment, care for others, LISTEN, praise, everyone could use words of encouragement.

When was the last time you asked a co-worker, teacher, or friend how their day is going? When was the last time you said “hi” to your neighbor? When was the last time you offered someone a cup of coffee or tea? Little acts of love go further than you will ever know.

My comment section is always open for you. Leave me questions,anything you’d like to talk about and request posts. I would love to help you. 

River of blessings,

Selene Kinder