As a girl growing up a lot of your self-worth is learned from your mother. But when there is no love between the two all you learn is how to hate yourself. All you learn are the faults she sees, so that’s how you measure yourself up to everyone else. If she sees nothing why would you be anything? That relationship between a mother and daughter is an immeasurable link to your confidence.  So what happens when the person that is suppose to help build up your confidence as a young girl strips it away?  Where do you learn to be confident from?

I think that’s where the importance websites like Empowering Women Now come into play. There is an incredible community of confident & empowered women. If I would’ve had this or something like it I would’ve been happier, I know I would’ve been. I would’ve learned, self-worth is something YOU make, not what someone gives to you. Having a community like this around can definitely teach you how to self-love because there is a constant support system telling you, your existence is of significance.

I know if I felt this way and continue to feel this way in my late 20’s, I can’t be the only one. So with that in mind, I wanted to share a couple things I wrote on the issue. Mainly because I don’t want another young girl/woman going through this and feeling alone. I want you to know that.

My Mother’s Love
My mother’s love isn’t dedicated
to my sister and I.
She pretends what I felt
never was her fault.
My mother’s love
wasn’t meant for me
because it was always theirs.
My mother’s love was never mine.
But my love is dedicated to her,
When she struggles
I find a way
Even when I have nothing.
My mother’s love is dedicated to her boys
Boys who leave and take with them
all they can.
All the while I only wanted something in return.

My Daughter’s Love
My mother’s love taught me
to love you more.
My mother’s love
was not mine,
but I saw what it could be with a boy
My mother’s love,
showed me how to
Truly love you
My daughter
You will not feel less than
you will always be equal
because my love
cannot be separated
between the two.

The writer of this post requested to remain anonymous. It took her so much courage to write this post & I truly respect her sharing her story with us. I know that she is not alone. Did you have someone close to you strip away your self confidence? How did you deal with it? I would love to hear your response in the comments down below.