“Here at Empowering Women Now I do things a little different.

I am expanding my capacity to help you grow, expand and conquer your dreams.

I am releasing some of my best, most inspiring, most powerful tools that I used to grow my business to empower women. I’m releasing the tools that I wish someone would have offered me.”

-Selene Kinder
Founder and CEO of Empowering Women Now


A place to showcase your product, service, or talents. Do you have an awesome product or service but no one to show it too? We got you!

With over 10.000 visitors a week and over 40,000 visitors a month our site gets you the views you need!

Members get the opportunity to add their products on our site! PLUS an exclusive discount code on items!

That’s right you get the “homie discount” for buying off of our members.

The best part of all is that you will be purchasing products and services from other women owned businesses.

Grow Your Following

The problem:
  • It is time consuming to grow your followers on social media
  • You don’t want to spend money on ads
  • You can’t find your ideal audience
  • You want real followers not paid for followers

The solution:

  • Get a shout out in front of 300,000 real people!

The how:

  • When you become a Platinum or Diamond member you will get a chance to get in front of our loving audience!

That’s right being part of our membership gets you a shout-out. Have a new product? We got you! Want to grow your personal brand? We got you too!

We love to show our members support on our Social Media Accounts. With over 300,000 combined followers you’re bound to get in front of the women who will connect with you or your brand. No need to pay for advertising. We will shout-out our members to get you REAL followers.

Newsletter Showcase

We send out emails every week to our list of 10,000 emails! 
Our staff will have exclusive “Member of the Week” highlights. Our newsletter has helped us make huge moves in our business and now it is your turn! Get in front of our subscribers. Feel the love our community has to offer. 

Member Directory

As a member you will be added to our member directory. This directory will be visible to everyone that goes on our website. You will be able to link back to your own social media accounts and website.

Guest Blogging

Do you want to tell your story? Do you want to share some great advice? Do you want to empower other women?

When you sign up to our membership you will be able to guest blog and link back to your own site or social media accounts.


*Every post will need to be approved by our editors before going live. *

Private Facebook Group

Be part of an amazing group of women who are ready to give you advice, support and real friendships. 
We will have weekly LIVE chats were we talk about real women issues and how we’ve overcome them. Members of the Empowering Women Now Network will have the opportunity to share their stories, businesses, advice, and empower other women!

Exclusive Members Events

You will be invited to the most empowering networking events. Our events will be held around the world. As a member you get to vote on where the next event will be held!

Each event will have multiple panelist from different industries that will empower you.

Don’t worry if you cannot make it, you will be able to watch live on our members Facebook Group Page.

Ready to take your big stand and get REAL traction in your business?

 Start by diving into one of our custom-membership plans:


Boss Woman
25.00 per month
  • Listed in membership directory
  • Showcase product or service in our store ( 1 product)
  • Discounts to members products/services
  • Opportunity to guest blog on Empowering Women Now
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Showcased to our email list (10,000 subscribers)
  • Discounted ad space on our website
  • Discounted tickets to our Empowering Women Now Events


Boss Woman
  • Listed in membership directory
  • Shout-Out on Social Media  (3 platforms)
  • Showcase product or service in our store (6 products)
  • Discounts to members products/services
  • Opportunity to guest blog on Empowering Women Now
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Showcased to our email list (10,000 subscribers)
  • Discounted ad space on our website
  • 2 free tickets to every Empowering Women Now events
  • Our editors will write a blog post about you or your business
  • Instagram takeover
  • Business logo featured on our home page

    Still not sold?

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Can I afford it?

Let’s put things into perspective. Inside Empowering Women Now, you’ll get access to the resources you need to take your online business to the next level for less than…

  • $1.75 a day…
  • Your Starbucks routine…
  • Your gym membership…
  • Your cable bill…
  • A dinner date at Taco Bell…

And the list goes on and on.

So you have two options.


You can choose to keep investing your money in areas of your life that won’t pay you back OR you can choose to invest that money into your online business, your dreams, your future, and your happiness and watch your dreams grow.


I have made Empowering Women Now affordable to the women that are still in school, to the single mothers who are working on their side hustle, to the women who want to take it to the next level. I know women like you and I’ve been in your shoes. That is why I understand the value this membership brings you.


So what is stopping you?