For those of you who want to do this the old school way, let me break down my five suggestions for captioning your pictures or videos on social media right here:


You could simply use the caption to explain in more detail what you are posting or why you’ve chosen to post it.  Since each photo should be posted with a purpose, this is your chance to share, in depth, a little more about your “WHY”.  You can explain a product or service, introduce someone or something in the photo, or talk about features + benefits.


Try crafting a clever one-liner or a funny headline for your photo.  I like to look at the subject of the photo and then think of popular sayings, quotes, or song lyrics that make mention of it in an unusual way.  For instance, if you are posting a photo of someone in sunglasses, you could say something like, “Made in the Shade” or “The Future’s so Bright”.  It can really pay off for a brand to be light-hearted with it’s social media posts.  This can allow the business to feel more human + relatable. Personally, this is one of my favorite ways to write a caption.


Seriously though.  When you are at a complete + total loss for words, there is an emoji for just about any occasion.  So when you get stuck, use them to say what you clearly can’t!

Side note/random observation: Did you know that they don’t even teach kids to write in cursive in school anymore?! But you can dang sure bet they understand how to write with/read emojis.  We are slowly but surely coming back full circle to communicating like cave men with tiny pictures.



This goes a little deeper than simply stating the obvious.  You can use the photo as a way to communicate an idea or a story that you want to elaborate on.  I am seldom lost for words, (just ask my husband), so I have zero problems with using my caption as a mini blog post or as a place to talk about some of the behind-the-scene parts of my life.  Think of using the caption to talk about yourself or your business in a way that gives followers a further understanding of who you are, something that helps to build on your Know-Like-Trust factor.


Engagement is something people sometimes struggle with on social media.  Ever feel like you post + post + post, but no one seems to comment on your photos?  If the conversation is a little one-sided, try using the caption to ask your followers an open-ended question, (that’s a question that cannot be answered with a simple yes or no). Invite feedback + open the line of direct communication + you’ll soon see more engagement on your feed.

I hope this helps the next time you’re stuck staring at your phone, wishing the words would just come out already! Do you have any questions about captions or maybe other helpful suggestions for writing them on Instagram?! I’d love to hear, so leave them below in the comments