Goals at are the top of everyone’s mind. The hashtag #Goals has been used over 65.9 million times on Instagram alone.  My generation is obsessed with reaching their goals and at the same time struggles heavily with mental healthy issues and overall happiness. My desire to reach my goal has left me unfulfilled. I’ve realized that there need to be balance in all aspects of my life. Yes, reaching my goals are important but there are so many other things in my life that I value.

This year I planned my entire year in one hour. I broke my year down by months, weeks, and days.  Before I thought that I needed to fill every hour of my day to feel accomplished. I realized that its not the quantity of time I’m spending but the quality of time.

This year I’m giving myself time to breathe and time to grow.

Before I start I want to preface by saying that this plan is tailored to my needs. The last thing I want to do is make you feel like this is how you should live your life. My plan might be too simple for you or it might not be what you need. I hope my plans inspire you to think outside of the social norms. Society says to plan your year around your goals. However, that doesn’t work for everyone. It certainly didn’t work for me. Instead, think of what truly brings you fulfillment.

Ask yourself what relationships you want to grow. How you want to grow spiritually. Why you want to grow your finances. How you want your health to be – physically and mentally. What are the memories you want to look back and smile at? Once you answer those questions it is relatively easy to create a plan.

2019 monthly plan:

  • 1 lunch date with a friend
  • 24 hours of no social media
  • 1 dinner hosted for friends/family
  • 1 night out with friends
  • 1 date night (even if its just yourself)
  • 1-day volunteering
  • 1-day completely to yourself
  • 1-day of no spending

The years go by too quickly. I notice that I don’t remember the weeks if I don’t make the time to spend with the people I love. There is certainly an emphasis on my relationships this year. They bring me happiness and fulfillment. I also made sure to include things that I have always wanted to do but never made the time, for example volunteering and a day completely to myself.  When I was going through a hard time I started volunteering. I quickly realized that it is hard to dwell in my own sadness when there are so many other people that need my help. I blocked out an entire day to myself. I made it a priority so that I have the energy to care for the people I love fully. I also included a day of no spending. I realize that in order to have a better grasp on my finances I need to be mindful of how I spend. As the year goes on I might move this task to something I do on a weekly basis. I didn’t want to overwhelm myself but I also wanted to challenge myself. This was a good starting point for me since I spend money every day.

2019 weekly plan:

  • Clear out inbox
  • Deep clean one area of my home
  • Revise finances
  • Review/ journal about the previous week
  • (3) 1 Hour workout

I kept my weekly schedule minimal but to the point. Clutter keeps me from completing tasks so I made sure to schedule a deep cleaning of a particular room or space in my home. This will keep from accumulating things that I don’t use or need. One of my biggest goals this year is to get out of debt and save enough for a down-payment on a home. I spent so much time stressing about finances but never really doing anything about it. It was like the elephant in the room. I also included working out 3 times a week for at least an hour. Depending on your lifestyle you may want to increase or decrease the frequency. Planning out my year will be a waste if I don’t take the time to review and reflect on my progress. That is why each week I scheduled the time to review. This will not only help my identify ways I can improve my schedule. I will be writing about my mood and level of fulfillment.

2019 daily plan:

  • pray
  • stretch
  • create & complete list of top 3 priorities
  • take 10,000 steps
  • cook a meal
  • drink 7 glasses of water
  • 1-load of laundry
  • layout outfit for the next day
  • tidy up home for 15-minutes
  • read for 15-minutes
  • moisturize

There will be days that I don’t complete my plan. There will be days that I absolutely I kill it. Regardless the amount of stuff you checked-off, I hope you show yourself grace and remember what you accomplish in a day does not define your worth. If you would like a clear picture of my daily routine click here.



Last but not least if you want to plan your year like mine. Here is the exact planner I use. I hope you love it!