Every woman needs to understand that where she sits in the room is a critical factor of the conversation and outcome. Understanding the best places to sit or position yourself will truly help you.

A study by Rober Sommer shows you as person “A”.

life hack where to sit in a room

Example 1:

A + B1 = Corner position

best place to sit in an office meeting

Most executives tend to sit at the head of the table. If you ever want to engage your boss or upper-level management in a friendly conversation sit here. It allows for eye contact and also clear seeing of gestures on both parties. It decreases tension and increases the chances of a positive outcome.

A + B2 = Co-operative position

where to sit for the best outcome

This is one of the best positions for presenting your issue and having it accepted. It allows for good eye contact and mirroring. However, “A” needs to be able to move into this position without “B” feeling threatened.

When you have an argument with someone, stand next to them and not in front of them. You will be less threatening and the person can calm down. Side note: If you ever feel that someone in the room is going to try to argue with you sit next to them. It’s super awkward to yell at someone sitting next to you.

A + B3 = Competitive/Defensive position

This positions may cause a person to take a defensive stance on their position as the table acts like a barrier. It makes B3 feel subordinate on A’s territory. It is used for competing in a work environment.

A + B4 = The Independent position

where to sit

This should be avoided when open discussions are your goal. It tells people you do not want to be involved. However, if you are trying to avoid talking to someone, this seating arrangement is perfect.

Have you ever used these seating positions to your advantage? Share a comment down below and begin empowering other women.