The number one question I received in my messages is “How to empower women?”

I realized that the word “empower” has been used to advertise, sell and often times do the opposite of what it means. Marketers have used the phrase to make huge profits and make women feel like they NEED the product in order to feel empowered. 

Let’s remember what empower really means. 

Empower; verb 
make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life, sharing a resource and claiming their rights. 

So when you hear someone say they empower – think back to the REAL definition of empower.

Here are the ways you can empower women on an every day basis:

Use your buying power. Yes, we make less than men but that doesn’t mean we aren’t the ones who drive the economy. In fact –  women influence 83% of spending in the US annually. That is 7 TRILLION dollars a year. 

We literally have the power to decide what fortune 500 company stays on or off the list. We have the power to support businesses who have women CEOs. We have the power to help women secure their financial future. We have the power to change the fact that women are paid less than men by choosing to buy from them, by choosing to support businesses that support women.

Look for this logo on products.

Before making a purchase online I google who owns the company and who they employ. It does take some time but I find it worth it. When I’m at a store I look for products featuring the “Women Owned Logo” Here is a running list of businesses that I buy from. Bookmark it for easy access. 

Need new clothes, shoes, or accessories? Shop at ABLE -a lifestyle brand focused on ending generational poverty through providing economic opportunity for women. I love them for so many reasons. They even publish the wages they pay their employees!

Time –  Make time to grab coffee with your girlfriends. Check on their mental health. Listen to them and if they ask for it – share your advice. There is something truly powerful when women form strong friendships.

Take it a step further and offer to mentor someone. It is easier than it seems. I signed up at the college I graduated from and have had a student shadow me at work. I give her career advice and stay in touch with her.

Donate – Find a charity you love, you’ll never regret being kind. For the past 5 years I have donated to Compassion. You can choose who you want to sponsor. I decided to sponsor a young girl. She is now 13 and is still going to school. Most girls at her age are taken out to help at home. Due to the small donation I make every month she will continue to get an education. 

Use your network – There are times when I am at the right place at the right time and hear of an opportunity that I know will benefit a woman in my life. It can a small project or a job opportunity. Due to being mindful of my surroundings and remembering that I shouldn’t only be looking out for myself, I have been able to get my friends careers, projects, and gigs. You can empower by simply introducing them to someone in your network. You never know if that relationship will lead to a bigger opportunity.

When your intentions are pure you are able to empower women with the things you do every day. Whether it is shopping, sharing a resource like your time, knowledge or network.

Empowering women is not hard – however, it does require you to be mindful.

What are some of the ways you empower women? Let me know in the comment down below.