Show of hands, who hates Mondays? 

Yup, I used to hate Mondays. But ladies, it is time to stop the terrible relationship we have with Monday’s and reclaim our joy. Mondays are going to continue to come for the rest of our lives but we have the power to change the way we feel about them.

Once I started implementing a new way of thinking, my relationship with Mondays completely shifted. I wake up on Monday’s feeling excited, energized, and dare I say happy.

Before I go on, my strategy is NOT fool proof. However,  these tips have significantly helped me from feeling depressed on Sunday evenings.

Without further ado here are my 6 unconventional ways of avoiding the Monday Blues.

Monday1. Stop working so hard. 

There I said it -STOP working so hard. At work we set ourselves up for complete failure when we keep saying “yes” and add more to our plate. Do you know what the #1 regret is when someone is on their death bed? It is that they wished they had not worked so hard. That at the end it really just took away from their joy.

Now I am not saying to quit your job. I’m simply saying that we as women tend to bite more than we can chew.  I personally keep Monday as chill as I possibly can. I do not schedule any meetings that day unless they are absolutely necessary.

2. Stay in touch

You know what happens when you work an 8-5 job? You lose touch with your friend, you lose touch with your family, you even lose touch of the days your living. Here’s the cold hard truth. YOU have the power to keep in touch.

Make it a priority to have lunch with a friend. Make it a priority to talk to your work “bestie” about how their day is going. It’s harder to forget days when something memorable has happened. It’s also harder to have a bad day when you get to see someone you care about.

3. Stay organized

Over the weekend we all tend to overeat, overspend and be lazy, which are three reasons why Monday morning makes us feel so wasted and unenthusiastic. Beat the blues by making a list of tasks you need to do and things you’d like to achieve the following week on Fridays. For example, you might want to jot down that you want to do all of your washing, finish off that project at work you’ve been working on and eat three healthy meals as well as fitting in a good 1 hour workout.

My husband can vouch for me when I say that I’m one of the messiest people. However, there is still hope for those that are in the same boat as I am.  I’ve taken baby steps to get my life organized. If you’re already super organized person  feel free to move on to number 4.

  • I get my clothes ready the next day (ironed and clean)
  • I use Asana to assign tasks to myself and my team (it is free)
  • I sometimes even write down important dates in my physical agenda

That’s it. I keep it simple but it works for me. Fingers crossed and next year I start planning my entire week or month’s ahead.

4. Identify the issue

If you’re feeling down every Monday morning, it’s likely because you’re not a fan of the work you do. My mom complains to me about her work everyday and as much as I sympathize with her, I had to sit down with her and tell her something that was extremely hard for me. I told her that although she might hate her job but she obviously doesn’t hate it enough or she would have done something about it. I don’t actually believe she was tired of her job because for the past 5 years she had done NOTHING to change her situation. (sorry mom, I had to tell you.) Lesson here is to do something proactive to get yourself out of a situation you hate.

I’ve personally found that if I don’t spend time on my own business during the day I feel terrible. Although I work full-time I schedule time before work or after work to fuel my dreams. If you’re feeling like you’re missing a purpose or stuck at your job, expand your opportunities by working on something that brings you joy. (Online class, reading a book, networking, etc.)

5. Add some music

You know what drives me crazy on Monday morning? Drivers! I am not an angry person but I feel that I am tested every Monday morning by the ridiculous amount of bad drivers. Music is a healer of the soul and is a mechanism of creating happy thoughts in our bodies. So I turn up my Christian music and remember what would Jesus do. Maybe it’s a little silly but hey it works for me.

The way you start your day will define how it will continue. Don’t let the commute steer you wrong. Turn up the music and remember that no one can bring you down.

6. Start the day before work

I can already sense how many eyes will roll when I say wake up at least 3-4 hours before work. Before you exit out of the blog and call me crazy hear me out. That is 15-20 hours extra a week that you have to do whatever YOU want.

Those precious hours before I have to start work have hands down kept me sane. I sometimes work on my blog, read The Bible, take my pups for a walk, heck I even sometimes go to the gym. Waking up early has helped boost my self-esteem and productivity.  It makes me feel like a boss when I’m awake and doing things that will contribute to my overall happiness or health.

As always I would LOVE to hear how you avoid the Monday Blues in the comments down below. Here’s to making this week our bbbbbest week ever. – See what I did there 😉