This post was inspired by a message sent to me on Instagram. I hope this helps you Jennifer.


What happens when motivation comes to an absolute standstill in school?

As I mentioned in my blog post “THIS IS BETTER THAN MOTIVATION” we need to stop depending on motivation to achieve our goals. That will NOT work long term. Instead focus on your habits.

Although I have already graduated from school (shout out to Fresno State),  I wanted to share some of the BEST HABITS for doing well in school.

1 . Discipline: “discipline is doing what needs to be done, even when you don’t want to”, which means that you have to force yourself to start doing things even when you don’t want to do your homework.

2. Concentration: when you make a real effort in your work (study, homeworks etc…) you will be more likely to actually focus, understand and learn.

3. Organization: always set tasks and goals and organize a study-schedule. Maybe you don’t really want to plan all the week, but if you just wake up and open your agenda/bullet journal/iphone calendar and write down all the things you have to do, setting due dates and deadlines, you’ll feel more conscious and encouraged to stay on track.

4. Tasks-splitting: sometimes, you write down your tasks. Some of these tasks may be very hard and complicated, and it will take a long long time to complete them. So, you can split them in smaller tasks, so you will feel satisfied after a shorter period of time, instead of studying for hours and still seeing that chapter undone on your study-schedule.

5. Smart reading: try not to read your textbook just like a newspaper. For every paragraph you read, try to underline and write down key words and then your question about that subject. Literally, turn your textbook into questions. If you write down question – particularly why…? – and think about the answer, you will be more likely to remember that stuff later.

6. Healthy lifestyle: I used to be a pretty heavy coffee drinker in the mornings in high school I even had a coffee maker on my side table (the addiction was real).  I realized that I could get away with a lot less caffeine if I started my morning off with a nice glass of water. Carry healthy snacks in your backpack to fuel you when you’re feeling low on energy.

7. Morning Mindset: For the longest time mornings were not my friend. I HATED them with a passion. I realized that I was only hurting myself by having such an unhealthy relationship with mornings. I slowly changed my mindset and I now love mornings. In fact I have a morning routine that is shown in the picture below. This process took me 3 years, I mean it when I said I hated morning. When you wake up earlier you will feel more positive and  controlled. If you’re interested in learning about my night routine click here. 

8. Move:  You don’t necessarily have to run through an entire yoga routine or go for a run (but hey, props to you if you do), but getting some movement in your mornings will help you wake up. I like to stretch a little bit, warm up my joints, maybe loosen up my limbs. It helps to get your blood flowing.

9. Invest in stationary: I don’t know what it was but I loved taking notes when I had pretty stationary. It’s something about having something aesthetically pleasing to review before a test that made it so exciting. I loved to take notes and highlight the important points with my favorite color. Tip: Go to HomeGoods or Michael’s for inexpensive notebooks and pens/pencils.

10. Study Groups:. Every single time I studied in a group my test scores were significantly higher. I love talking and connecting with people so hearing their input on a specific problems would echo in my head during the exam. For example, when I was studying Pre-Algebra my friend Ashley made a comment that if a negative multiples by a positive it’s always going to be negative. Just like in life, when you hang out with negative people you’ll always become negative. BOOM mind-blown and I never forgot.

11.  Respect your teachers.  Teachers genuinely want to see you succeed it’s important to treat them with respect and listen when they speak. It’s incredible how many of my classmates would be on their phone while our professor attempted to lecture. If you’ve ever done public speaking and have seen the audience on their phones you realize how terrible it makes you feel. If you take your teacher lightly or make fun of him among class fellows you will definitely miss value in the class lecture. To bring this even more in perspective I highly recommend you to read Tuesday’s with Morrie.

In school and overall life it’s important to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. The habits you form now will either help you in your future or make it harder for you to reach your goals. Being at school you are constantly pushed to apply for things and branch out and try this and that, it becomes really hard not to compare yourself to other people all the time. It’s so incredibly important to remember that you are not valued based on how many bullet points of clubs, honor societies, committees and achievements you have on your resume. You are enough just being you.

Again this is what worked for me and I ended up being the first to graduate in my family.

I would love to hear your best habits for doing well. Leave your comments down below.