The broke womans guide of growing a business online

I started Empowering Women Now when I was in college. I always had the vision of creating a safe place where women could feel inspired, create the right connections, and feel empowered with knowledge. During that time I was paying my way through college, I refused to get a loan and I was really broke.

When you’re broke you have to get crafty. You start looking at your resources and decide what you can do.

I never gave much thought to what I couldn’t do because I knew it was only a matter of time.

So when I was given the option to use $10 for an Ad on Facebook or use $10 to buy some food, you best believe I decided to eat. 

Through trial and error I was able to figure out how to reach my ideal followers and reached over 70,000 in the first year I launched.

1 Focus on ONE platform

It is really tempting to go hard on all social media platforms. Refrain the urge to be everywhere. Instead focus on your favorite Social Media platform. So many social media experts will advise you to go to the platform your ideal audience is on. Here’s my two cents…when you’re just starting off it is so easy to get discouraged. However, if you’re an Instagram addict your business account will be top of mind. You’ll always see it, you’ll be scrolling through Instagram and find something that inspires you to write a blog post, create a quote, create a video, etc. You’re already spending all your time there, might as well set yourself up to make money there too.

The first year I focused  on Facebook. With the help of my Facebook analytics I was able to determine which platform I should go to next. My analytics showed that my primary follower was a millennial woman. So I went where millennial women go… Instagram. I directed followers from my Facebook page over to my Instagram page.

2 Create your online tribe

Do your research and find social media accounts that have a similar niche as yours. I created a simple spreadsheet using Google Spreadsheets.

What I had on my spreadsheet:

Column 1 = Influencers Name
Column 2: URL
Column 3: Their followers
Column 4: The date
Column 5: Summary (What they do)
Column 6: Email (ideal way of reaching them)
Column 7: Date Reached out

What I emailed: 

Once I had my list I customized a message to them. Depending on their page I either asked for a shout out for shout out. This is when a page posts something that is yours and tells their followers to follow you. Many times you will see people tag #S4S when they do this.

This works best if you both have a similar following. Do NOT expect a page with 1 million likes to agree. There has to be a win/win motive.

How to get the page with 1 million followers to share something of yours. 

These are the big fish, these are the accounts that change your business. It might seem impossible or like you’re going nowhere but stay persistent. Here’s what worked for me:

  • Step 1: I worked on nurturing our relationship….now what the heck does that mean…..let me explain. The first email I sent was super short and sweet. Quick introduction on who I am, a quick compliment on one of their post and a valid reason on why I liked it.
  • Step 2: Emailed them 1 week after…even if they did NOT respond. In this email I talked to them about some ideas I had for their site and to keep me in mind as a guest blogger.
  • Step 3: Emailed them 1 week after….. even if they did NOT respond. Remember how I stated earlier you have to be persistent? Don’t lose hope keep on keeping on. This email was more direct. “I created this awesome quote/blog/video that is doing great on my site I think your audience would love it too. What do you think? Most of the time they would repost that picture or blog I sent there way. However, if they did not I went to step 4.
  • Step 4:*MOST EFFECTIVE* Share their content on your social media account. But you are as a boss woman I took it a step further. Write a blog post and feature them! For example,”Top 10 Facebook Accounts Women Should Follow” and send it their way. 9 out of 10 will share! (Is this stat accurate? To me it personally is.)
  • Step 5: Shameless plug – Become a member of Empowering Women Now. Each member gets a shout-out from plus tons more! Learn more about it by clicking here.
3 Create original content that reflects your brand

This one might seem a little obvious but somehow I still see social media platforms that forget this. I will be honest, when I first started my Facebook page and blog my marketing was way off. There was no cohesiveness, no real way of showing that my content was mine. Everything was different.


  • Inconsistent font
  • Inconsistent branding
  • Time consuming to create
  • Inconsistent branding (each picture had
    • Very few were actually going to type that into their browser
    • It made it difficult for people to find me
  • Switched branding to @empoweringwomennow
    • Increased by following however did not increase my brand awareness as much as I wanted it to



  • Consistent font
  • Consistent look
  • Started my own hashtag #empoweringwomennow
    • Over 17,000 posts on Instagram are now are using my hashtag
    • Followers substantially increased when I switched over to using a hashtag at the end of every one of my pictures and videos
  • Increased “likes” and interaction
  • Increased “shares”
  • Followers know what to expect from my brand and know it is Empowering Women Now when they see it


These are some of  tips that helped me grow my following on social media (without ads). If you want to learn my new strategies for 2017 become a member of Empowering Women Now. You’ll get real advice from women who have grown their following and are now running powerful businesses.

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