Favorite Christian Youtube Channels

Do you ever wish you had a stronger faith or a closer relationship with God?

I do — all the time!

That is why this year I’m mindfully growing my relationship with God through baby steps. They say that you become who you surround yourself with. Although I have Christian friends I do not spend as much time with them as I wish I could.

I realized that throughout my day I binge-watched Youtubers. After watching so many different channels I came to an understanding that the Youtubers I was watching were making an influence in my life similar to the friends I have in real life.

That is when I decided to seek out Youtubers who were Christian centered.

Strong faith doesn’t “just happen.”

Just like good marriages don’t “just happen” and good kids don’t “just happen,” if you want to grow your faith, you have to work at it.

I think our generation is putting too much focus on looking for “the one” instead of looking to THE ONE.
THE ONE whose love is unconditional.
THE ONE who forgives us and never leaves us.
THE ONE who has the power to heal, restore and truly complete us.
THE ONE who created us.

I know that watching Christian Youtubers alone is not going to grow my faith alone. I’m hoping that by surrounding myself with people who are on the same spiritual journey will inspire me to continue in mine. I’m taking baby steps every single day — even when it’s hard, even when I don’t feel like it.

Here are my Top Favorite Christian Youtube Channels:

1. Girl and The World

Watching Anh Luu’s Youtube Channel has been a breath of fresh air. Her content is so relatable and calming. It spoke to me personally unlike other Christian Channels have. All her videos are so well thought out and beautifully filmed. She shares quotes from books and life experiences that have shaped her walk with Christ. I highly encourage you to subscribe to her channel.

2. The Elliot Homestead

Watching Shaye Elliot and her family is something so extremely wholesome that I didn’t know my soul needed. Her videos will give you a sense of nostalgia and comfort. The relationship she has with her husband and children is something I have not seen before and truly pray to have one day with my future children. Although the channel is about a homestead life you cannot overlook their Christian heart.

3. Milena Ciciotti

Milena will make you feel like you are watching a friend. She talks about being a Christian wife and mother. She talks about things that are sometimes looked at as taboo, like sex, childbirth, and so many other subjects.

4. Coffee and Bible Time

These gals are after God. They are so full of life and have inspired me to read my bible more.

5. Who else should be added to this list? I’d love to hear your suggestions. Leave your comments down below.

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