This is how you change the way women are portrayed in advertisements.

Per Dove’s Global Beauty and Confidence Report from 2016, 68 percent of women can’t identify with the images they see in ads. This doesn’t just affect how women see themselves; it hurts margins, too.

“The pictures were uploaded to stock sites and tagged to alter [their] algorithms, giving anyoe who searches the site a realistic picture of women in today’s society. Then we encouraged agencies and advertisers to use these images to portray women equally in their ads.”

“The inspiration came out of a search on a stock site, where we had to browse through several pages until we found an image that was actually not in some way offensive,” Kaadtmann goes on. “That led to the question, ‘What if we could hack this site?’ which led to ‘What if we could hack this site, legally?’ That was how the idea was born.”

In the video, the agency claims it used a “back door” to upload and tag thousands of photos, but let’s get down to brass tacks—you don’t really need to “hack” Shutterstock to upload anything. It’s easy to become a contributor, and it’s in the site’s interest to let as many photographers as possible build out its database.

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