Does anyone else love bullet journaling?

I have to admit I’m a complete newbie but have binge watched bullet journal videos on Youtube. I absolutely love that your able to customize everything about your planner. This year I gave it my first attempt and was dissapointed at the results.

I love being in control and making things perfect hence my graphic design background,  but in bullet journaling you really don’t have control. You can’t expect perfection, especially as a newbie.

I got watercolor paints everywhere, leaking pages, tears, pen bleeding through each page, you name it I dealt with it.

Bullet journaling is so hard for me because I want it to be perfect and put too much effort in the aesthetics verses the usability. I’ve made my share of mistakes and learned that creating simple digital prints that I can cut and glue into my journal not only saves me time but makes my journal look aesthetically pleasing to me.

If you’re a newbie like me and need just a little something to help you get started download the 2018 Calendar Free Printable. Don’t forget to tag your pictures with #empoweringwomennow so that I can see how you used your calendar.

Cheers to a new year!

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