Selene Kinder

Selene Kinder

Founder of Empowering Women Now
Selene is the founder of Empowering Women Now, a platform that empowers women to live authentically as themselves. She firmly believes that women have the power to shift culture, eradicate unjust standards and ultimately change the world. When she's not working, she is most likely sipping on a cup of local coffee, walking her dog, or taking a pilates class. Connect with Selene over on her Instagram!

How to Empower Your Friends

Being a friend to someone is truly a gift. And the good news is that everyone has the ability to be one. You can be a blessing to anyone at any time. Many of us develop selfish thinking and focus on the thought, who is treating me well? We look at ourselves and what we need rather than casting our eyes on the needs of others. Thinking this way, however, will leave you discontented and with a lack of meaningful relationships. The key to friendship isn’t to focus on who is being a good friend to you. Instead, true selflessness is found when you


Favorite Christian Youtube Channels

Do you ever wish you had a stronger faith or a closer relationship with God? I do — all the time! That is why this year I’m mindfully growing my relationship with God through baby steps. They say that you become who you surround yourself with. Although I have Christian friends I do not spend as much time with them as I wish I could. I realized that throughout my day I binge-watched Youtubers. After watching so many different channels I came to an understanding that the Youtubers I was watching were making an influence in my life similar to


How To Plan Your Best Year

When I asked my friends, family, and followers to reflect and tell me what the best part of their year was their responses all fell under 5 categories. Experiences Career MilestonesPersonal GrowthFitness and WellnessFinances As the new year gets closer I decided to focus and reflect on those 5 categories. I acknowledge that life throws us all curveballs and no matter how much I plan I cannot control how life plays out. However, if I fail to plan, I plan to fail. Don’t forget to bookmark this page and save it to your Pinterest board. I will continue to share


Morning Routine Ideas

As years have passed the more and more I treasure my morning routine. Without a doubt, my morning routine has helped me find what truly makes me happy. Although, I was content before implementing a morning routine I was never quite as fulfilled as I am now. These morning routine ideas are simply that – ideas. My intentions are to spark your interest and help pinpoint what might need to add to your morning routine. Don’t feel obligated or guilty to do anything on this list unless you think it aligns with your life goals. Below are my favorite morning


Tips for Building a Routine

Tips for building a routine. A daily routine is a great way to keep yourself on task. The longer you stick with it, the more each task becomes a habit and it starts to get easier. But a routine isn’t universal, each person has its own.  plan: before your day starts have in mind – or in a paper – what needs to be done on that day or the next one. It will save you time.wake up before you need: if you have extra time before you go to work or school, having extra time for you is essential. Eat calmly,

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No Debt Holiday Season – Yes, It is Possible

Happily Surviving The Holiday Season With No Debt Here’s the thing, I don’t want to be in debt for the rest of my life.  I don’t want to have to recover after the holidays after indulging in food, liquor, shopping, and couch potatoing around. I don’t want my energy to be drained to impress people. So what is the solution? I came up with a few… AKA I did some research and found advice from much wiser people that empowered me. Here’s what I found: 1 Communicate  – Don’t want to host the holidays at your house or don’t have

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How-To Have A Growth Mindset

Here’s the cold hard truth: Many women have grown up being told their talents are fixed and limited. It can be a huge battle to believe in ourselves and remove the idea that we do not have the ability to be great. I’ve read multiple books, attended workshops, and listened to the podcasts of some of the most empowered women in the world. I realized every single one of these successful women had 1 trait in common – the growth mindset.  Bottom line, it’s the mindset that sets successful women apart from all others. In essence, there are two types of mindsets we typically

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Self Love: 25 Easy Ways To Show Yourself Love

Self Love 1. Have a drink from your favourite cup/mug. Coffee. Tea. Even plain water is nicer when it’s in your fave cup (and you’re probably dehydrated right now so get on that). 2. Visit the library. Seriously. Nothing says “quiet me time” like the quiet couches and a novel in a library. 3. Look up some topics on iTunes U and read up on them. You’ll feel accomplished when you learn about a new scholarly topic. 4. Check over your resumé. Anything need to be updated or polished? Do that now, it can come in handy when opportunity comes

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10 Life Lessons Every Woman Needs To Know

If you could look back at younger you, what would you tell her? I’ve have spent so much time wishing I would have known these lessons sooner. I wished someone would have seen what a terrible mistake I was about to make and told me something… literally anything would have been better than silence. Life does not work that way. Sometimes lessons have to be learned hands-on. Although I wish I could be there for you whenever you’re about to make a huge mistake or make a decisions based on someone’s idea of what your life should be. I cannot.


Sweet Song Dedicated to Every Girl – Tear Jerker

SYML is the solo venture of Brian Fennell, who was previously part of the indie band Barcelona. SYML released his eponymous debut album on May 3, 2019 through Nettwerk Records. This particular song is powerful. It came from his own experience from his daughter. She has surgery at 2-years old and endured incredible health challenges. This song brings me back to my childhood. It makes me proud of the daughter I’ve yet to have. I hope that in the hectic, unsettling world we are living in today this video provides you with hope. Lyrics Girl, perfectly her, broken and hurt Soft and

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