How to Gain Confidence in Yourself

When we were young children, having insecurities about yourself are nonexistent. Over time, as we get older, we’re exposed more frequently to the media and others’ opinions. There’s the standard of beauty, of success, of what’s desirable, and so on and so forth. But the beautiful thing is other people’s opinions on what the norm is doesn’t matter, all that matters is what you think. Competing with other people over silly things like who’s prettier, funnier, or better is just a waste of time. It’s more important to compete with yourself, to continuously become a better version of yourself. Here


Coping With A Mother That Ruins Your Self-Esteem

As a girl growing up a lot of your self-worth is learned from your mother. But when there is no love between the two all you learn is how to hate yourself. All you learn are the faults she sees, so that’s how you measure yourself up to everyone else. If she sees nothing why would you be anything? That relationship between a mother and daughter is an immeasurable link to your confidence.  So what happens when the person that is suppose to help build up your confidence as a young girl strips it away?  Where do you learn to