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The MOST Important Thing To Do While Exercising

  There are so many reasons we work out in the first place – it may be that you find sweating exhilarating, you have body composition goals or just for your overall wellness.   However, even with these goals in mind, we can easily slip up when trying to be aware of how we feel and how the exercise is strengthening our body. We end up wanting to do the opposite and distract ourselves – listening to music or watching Wendy Williams – from the pain in order to get through our workout.   According to this study, being present is one

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9 Tips For Staying Healthy While Eating Out

  9 tips for staying healthy while eating out   Mindful Priming   I always tell my clients, and those close to me, to prime your mind or prepare yourself for what’s about to happen.   You can prepare by journaling or writing down what to expect at the restaurant and how you’re going to approach the gathering and/or invite.   For example:   If you know you’re going to a business party or family dinner, remind and make yourself very clear that this is a trigger for overindulging. Then exercise the following:   Choice #1 – Ask yourself what you’re going to do differently to avoid