confidence affirmations

It is time for back to school.

There’s really no way to sugarcoat it: Raising a confident, self-assured girl who is comfortable with her body is not an easy thing to do these days. From the time she’s a toddler, a girl is bombarded with media and other cultural messages that undermine the kind of healthy, resilient self-image you want her to develop. We as sisters, mothers, aunts, cousins have a tremendous influence on how girls feel about themselves. The way we allow others to treat us and the way we talk about ourselves is more powerful than you could ever imagine.

With the right map in hand, you can steer the girls in your life away from influences and activities that undermine self-esteem and towards those that contribute to a realistic body image and a strong sense of self.

If you have followed me on Instagram or Facebook you know how much I believe in words of affirmation. These powerful truths helped me develop confidence in myself when I had none. So many of us did not have strong female role models when we needed it the most. Words of affirmations are powerful – they help you become your own cheerleader. These simple words make a huge impact when repeated on a daily basis. For the most part we have to rely on ourselves for affirmation. Learning

That is why I created a free affirmation printable for the young girls in your life. These printables can be used as bookmarks or you can send them as postcards. Download and print them out today 🙂

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Rivers of blessings,

Selene Kinder