1. Dump Your BF/GF If They’re Holding You Back – You don’t want to spend your twenties making decisions for someone who probably won’t be there when you turn thirty. I’ve watched friends turn down great jobs because their significant other didn’t want them to move, I’ve watched others decline travel opportunities, and many others who didn’t pursue a graduate degree because they didn’t want to loose time with their significant other. If you’re one of the lucky ones like mewho’s significant other pushes them to do more. Keep em.’
  2. Hustlers’ State of Mind – When I was 22 I got offered a job to work from home by asking them “Would you like to guest speak for my organization?” Don’t just apply for jobs online, go out in the streets and create opportunities.You never know who you’re going to impress.
  3. Build a Following – I created Empowering Women Now when I was still in college. It has now grown to over 300K followers and it continues to grow. I’m able to make a nice income from it. The key here is to find a passion of yours and build a following around it.  Can’t pinpoint your passion? Create a following for yourself as a person. If there’s ever a time in the future where you want to start a business down the line, having a large following is a huge commodity. Who knows if your passions will shift in the next couple of year. If you build a following now you will be able to leverage that following to help you with your next endevour. Don’t be scared in thinking your stuck, you can always change your user name as you evolve.
  4. Obsess About Developing Skills – Skills are the key to your dreams. Become great, develop a lot of career capital and then make life happen on your own terms. I’ve learned all of my digital marketing skills on my own, from building websites, to creating digital books, running ads on Facebook, Google, etc. I’ve learned all those skills on my own! Heck, I got so good I built a second business from it, kindermedia.co. Go to your local library, see what they have to offer. If you live in Fresno County the library offers free access of Lynda! EVERY single time you complete a class vie Lynda.com you get a certificate on your LinkedIn profile. These certificates are GOLD if you’re trying to land a job. They show that you’re willing to go the extra mile to sharpen your skills.
  5. Learn Social Dynamics – Many of my friends are stuck not because they aren’t talented, but because they don’t understand social dynamics. There are layers of communication that are happening non-verbally that people never pick up on which leads to them never getting picked for the opportunities that they want.
  6. Understand That Life is a Series of Games – There’s a lawyer game, doctor game, relationship game, comedian game – find the games you want to play, learn the rules and then develop a simple strategy for success in that game.
  7. Know When to go on the Offensive and When to Play Defense – Life has two cycles, offense, where you travel, take classes, and explore new opportunities and defense is when you say no to everything that doesn’t have to do with your larger goal and you focus on, both are necessary to become the person you want to become.
  8. They are going to pay you less than you’re worth. Do not let your paycheck define you, do not settle, you deserve more. Understand this and work anyway. Learn as much as you can from your job and once you’ve learned it all and still have not gained the wage you desire, move on.

If you had a chance to give yourself one piece of advice for graduation, what would it be? Comment down below!