I’m Selene Kinder; founder of Empowering Women Now.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for as a long as I can remember. My first business was selling Lisa Frank stickers to my friends for 50 cents. I turned a sticker book that my mom had bought me to $50. I remember feeling so proud of myself. Not for the money but the for being able to connect with others and do something that my parents were absolutely surprised by.

It seemed like each year I had another business project. I realized that it wasn’t the business that intrigued me it was creating. I desperately needed to create every single day. It empowered me – it filled me with knowledge – it kept me sharp – it made me confident.

During high-school my confidence hit its all time low. I had stopped creating due to the fear of what people would think. It wasn’t until I went to college that I decided to go back to my roots and find my happiness again. This is when Empowering Women Now came to life.

I knew that at Empowering Women Now I would be free to create as much as I wanted. The more I learned the more I shared. One of the most beautiful journey I have been privileged to walk with is growing this platform to what it is today. Maya Angelou once said, ” Now that you know better, do better.”

Empowering Women Now has shifted. My focus was once to create the most inspirational quotes and motivational blog posts. I’ve learned through this journey that women do not need more inspiration or motivation – we already have that in our DNA.

What women really need is the knowledge to live our most empowered life. The knowledge on how to live our healthiest life; mentally and physically and the knowledge on how to love yourself.

I’m so happy you’re here. I hope you will stay a while.

Rivers of blessings,

Selene Kinder

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