I’m Selene Kinder.

If you looked back into my life you would think I would be the last woman who would empower women. I was picked on as a kid. I was the nerd who evolved to the angry “goth kid” or “emo kid” depending on what high school you came from. It seemed like 90% of my interactions with women were bad. From cattiness, to self-esteem killers, to gossiping, to jealousy. I wanted no part of it.

I remember being a freshman in college and truly believing all women wanted to see me fail. I didn’t trust women at all. I remember feeling so alone and depressed, that I even went to craigslist to search for “friends”.

Somehow I had allowed one bad experience define the way I would interact with other women. Once I woke up from this lie, I wanted to tell the world.

I wanted every woman to know that we’ve been lied to. I created Empowering Women Now in hopes to spread a new message and to be completely honest – to make some friends. We’ve been lied to and told that there is not enough room at the top for women.

Helping another woman succeed will not take away from the blessings coming your way. Her success is our success.

I aim to provide women with the inspiration, tools & knowledge to succeed.

Share your story.

It has taken me a long time to reveal who I am on my blog – 3.5 years to be exact. I hid behind my quotes and blog posts and justified it by saying, “I want my business to shine, not me.” You could  not find a single picture of me anywhere or any links to my social platforms.

If I were being completely honest I would have known that I had the imposter syndrome and believed that I shouldn’t be the one trying to empower women. There are so many other amazing women out there doing a far better job – who was I to try?

I had to battle with my urge to run and quit or stay and reveal truth.

I chose the latter of the two.

Quite simply because stories matter – and the world should hear about the people behind them.

If you’re ready to share your story become a guest blogger. Shoot me an email at selene@empoweringwomennow.com. (And if you don’t hear back from me within 2 weeks, feel free to follow up.)

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I was one of those kids who was infatuated with reading. I was so jealous of people who could read. I broke my arm in first grade and scrolled the magazines of my doctors office using pretending to read. When they said it was my turn I told them to give me a second I was finishing what I was reading.
Once I learned how to read I couldn’t stop. Every time we went to Costco I had my dad buy me the fairtale books that were huge and beautiful. In fact my love was slightly dangerous. I would hide under my cover at night reading with  flashlight. When my mom learned what I was doing she hid all flashlights from me but forgot to hide dads laser pointer.  
Hence, I was in desperate need of thick glasses by second grade.
Life passes you by so fast that I haven’t read more than 3 books a year since college.
This year, I made a list. 1 book for each month and I share it here:

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