The 30 day home detox challenge is designed to jumpstart your organization and decluttering habits. It will help you clear out all of the “stuff” that is weighing you down and motivate you for the new year.

For the next month, we will be doing a detox of your home.  This is intended to be a CHALLENGE. We will be going thoroughly through different areas in your home. In the end, I promise you will feel like you can take on the world. I do this deep detox of my home every spring. I will be sharing videos of my detox on my Instagram story – follow me here. This detox keeps me mindful of my purchases and gives me room to grow.


  • Your favorite cleaning supplies
  • Garbage bag and a recycling bag.
  • Clear storage containers.
  • Cabinet organization system.
  • Closet organization system.
  • Sage or incense.


Make sure you get your FREE download. You’re going to love it.

Below is just an overview – the free download goes in depth. It offer tips and explanations of each day.

Week 1: Focus on your personal space

Day 1: Closet
Day 2: Night Stand
Day 3: Underwear Drawer
Day 4: Make-up
Day 5: Hair Accessories
Day 6: Jewelery

Week 2: Focus on your living spaces

Day 7: Shelves
Day 8: Front Entry Way
Day 9: Electronics
Day 10: Entertainment
Day 11: Carpet/Rugs
Day 12: Upholstery

Week 3: Focus on your storage spaces

Day 13: Linen Closet
Day 14: Medicine Cabinet
Day 15: Garage
Day 16: Cleaning Cabinet
Day 17: Restroom Cabinets
Day 18: Storage Bins

Week 4: Focus on your kitchen

Day 19: Pots & Pans
Day 20: Kitchen Pantry
Day 21: Kitchen Appliances
Day 22: Fridge
Day 23: Tupperware
Day 24: Utensils

Week 5: Focus on the misc.

Day 25: Shred Old Papers
Day 26: Office
Day 27: Hobbies/Crafts
Day 28: Laundry Room
Day 29: Drop Off Donations
Day 30: Burn Sage


  1. Remember that this is just a detox – it has likely taken you years to accumulate all of your stuff so don’t feel bad if it takes you some time to get rid of it!
  2. Get rid of any possible distractions.  Put away your phone, turn off notifications.
  3. Work quickly.  Put on a timer and work as quickly as you can for the full time.  Don’t spend time debating about things that you’re not sure about.  Instead, target all of those obvious items that you know need to go.  There will be more time for other items when we work on the individual rooms.
  4. Stay focused. If you have a lot of decluttering to do, it can be easy to get overwhelmed.  Just remember –one space at a time.  Pull out only what you have time for.  You don’t want a bigger mess in the end than what you started with!
  5. Don’t let perfection get in the way – just get started!!
  6. Take your detox by categories. I’ve organized the list to go through your pseronal space in the first week, living space in the second week, storage in the third week and misc. on the fourth week.