I want to preface this article by sharing some powerful quotes that will motivate you. Ever single piece of advice I share below was extremely difficult for me to learn but even more difficult for me to implement. Do not allow fear or failure hold you back.

I always encourage you to follow your intuition and take my advice with a grain of salt. If doing some of the things I mention below scare you, GOOD! Getting out of comfort zone is the only way you grow. Feeling scared and anxious is part of the growth. Embrace it.

Here are my 3 pieces of Unconventional Career Advice:

Ask for more than you want

  • Conventional wisdom: In salary negotiations, it is best to take the first offer. Many women believe it’s best to play it safe and not appear greedy. Best to just get along, politely accept what is offered, and not rock the boat. According to Salary, Forty-six percent of men always negotiate salary following a job offer, compared to just 30% of women. And while 39% of men are apprehensive about negotiating, that number jumps to 55% for women.
  • Unconventional  career tip: What you get in life isn’t always what you deserve, but often what you ask for. Companies rarely give you more than what you ask for. So aim high. Also keep in mind that it’s a cumulative effect. Your long-term earnings (salary, bonus, etc) are often based on what you enter at, so this adds up fast.
  • Anchoring is your friend. When you go into an interview or ask for a raise— start by adding an extra 25–30% and negotiate from there. You’d be surprised how much you get what you ask for, or even close to it.

Don’t appear too busy or that you are working too hard

  • Conventional wisdom: Always show the boss how hard you are working. Keep your head down and don’t talk to people socially while at work. When people ask how you are doing, say “busy” and rush away. Work nights and weekends and always give 110%.
  • Unconventional  career tip: Grinding all day, every day, is a recipe for burn out. Being over-worked rarely leads to your best work. The people that work the hardest, are not necessarily the ones who advance. Working smarter is better for your career in the long run. Slow down and prioritize. Be open to new opportunities. It sounds strange, but working too much can limit your long-term career prospects.
  • Personally I like to bulk. For example, on Monday I will work on my blog posts, on Tuesday I will work on my reports, Wednesdays I will work on scheduling out all my social media posts. I give myself 1 hour a day to answer emails, after that I will not open up my email until the next day. Bulk tasks that can be done in one day and set yourself a time period for things that need to be done each day such as emails.

Toot your own horn. 

  • Conventional wisdom: Let your work make the noise. Don’t call attention to yourself. As long as you keep working hard, upper management will notice.
  • Unconventional Career Tip: Toot your own horn as much as you can. Did a client or customer compliment your work? Share it with your manager. Did your idea save a client or the business money? SHARE IT.
  • The truth is, everyone is worried about themselves that unless you make your work noticed it will likely go unnoticed.  As a woman it was so hard for me to learn this. I did not want to call any attention to myself. I did not want my managers to think I was a showoff. Then during a staff meeting where my male peers were praised for their hard work. I learned one hard lesson. I too had worked on the case. However, upper management had no idea. If only I had sent an email with an update on my work I would have received the praise I deserved along with the raise. I  went on to talk to my managers and she simply told me “You have to speak up for yourself, or nobody will.”  I’ve become the woman who toots her own horn as much as she can. I’ve become the woman who gets paid triple the amount I once was paid in the matter of 2 years.
  • This by far was the hardest piece of unconventional advice I’ve had to follow but also the one that reaped the highest revenue. Prior to tooting my own horn I would hide behind my brand Empowering Women Now. I would write articles anonymously because I believed that my business would speak for itself. You would not find a single picture of me anywhere nor any indication of me. Now I proudly share who I am.

What are some unconventional career tips that you would like to share with other women? Take the time to comment down below. Every single one of your comments is read and appreciated.

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