Hey you! Yeah you- the girl with loads of passion & ideas- but little clarity on where to even start! The one listening to all the business podcasts, following all of the ambitious woman insta accounts you can find- doing everything in your power to figure out how to fit WHO YOU ARE into a business model.

Yeah, you. Can we take a walk for a sec? Because I have some tips for you today, from a fellow multi passionate creator- to help you channel what you’re passionate about into a business that makes sense to the people around you.

First off, I’m Miciah. I run a brand called Of Noble, with my husband. We give lots of pep talks, and overshare a TON about dream doing & inner strength every single week.

(You can follow our shenanigans here! https://www.instagram.com/theofnoblebrand/ )

And if I’m being honest with you- the single BIGGEST challenge we have faced in building Of Noble- is how to fit everything we love into a business.

Like, let me break this down for you real quick:

We are both passionate musicians, podcasters, speakers, writers, graphic designers, event hosts….and soo much more!

So, how did we get clarity on our business idea? Here are a few of my tips!

Understand that there is a difference between the work you do in your business and your brand identity.

As you’ve just read- I run deep with passion. Lol. And I’m glad that I do. But when sifting through all the things I love- and how to build that into a business, things for me got foggy!

So my biggest tip is to start with making a list of what you like to DO vs the title you want to have or the type of business you want.

It’s easy to get swept away with a romantic idea of being a CEO/Boss Babe- or Youtuber, or Instagram Influencer.

But start with answering this question. What stuff do I most want in my dream work week?

Just like Andy helped April make a list in Parks & Rec- start with the small things to give yourself some guidelines.

Your WHY helps form the direction of your business.

After spending some time talking with close friends & mentors about what kind of business I wanted to start- I realized that my biggest desire was to help millennials dream bigger.

In career, relationships- everyday life…I had this really big heart to help people my age live a more vibrant and fulfilling life.

So, what is your end goal? Who do you want to help, and why?

If you look back at your life, and think of all the things you’ve done- all the funny stories from grade school to highschool, can you see a theme? A motivator that was maybe always there- but you never quite realized it?

Your WHY is often closer than you think- and can be a huge informant of your business decisions..

For my husband and I, as crazy multi passionate people, knowing why we create has helped us decide what services our business does and doesn’t offer.

Your Business Idea Will Develop By DOING

Of Noble was not something we came up with overnight. I spent 9 long months of researching business models, our target audience, and revenue strategies before launching Of Noble.

And I will NEVER do that again! Lol.

Yes, it’s good to research, and it’s great to be informed- but you will learn more about who you are, and how to build your business- by just going live already!

The truth is- I scrapped that heavily seasoned business plan 3 months into Of Noble- because I learned soo much more about my brand by doing!

Our website used to be weekly blogs, and we even vlogged for a short time- but changed direction when we realized that our audience loved our podcast show more.

It’s ok to not have a crystal clear idea of the business you want to build straight away. Especially if you’re multi passionate like me- it will take some time to develop and blend your passions together- or just start a few different businesses.

Either way- just start doing something today. Even if it’s interning in a specific industry, or shadowing someone- or offering free work for an entrepreneur you look up to to test how you like doing the work.
Who knows, you may love the idea of some passions more than the actual doing of them. 😉

So in closing, 1.) take notes on what you want to be doing everyday 2.) understand your why, and 3.) find a low cost route to start today.

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Your friendly neighborhood multi passionate weirdo, Miciah

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