3 Key Take-Aways I Learned At The Yellow Conference

The Yellow Conference

I’ve been dying to go to the Yellow Conference ever since one of my friends went and said it changed the way she structured her business. Their motto is,


I was like woo, I could use some of that. For one reason or another I kept missing the ticket sales and remembering about the conference when it was a little too late. This year was different – I got my ish together and headed out.

Making friends at the Yellow Conference

None of my friends could join me but I mustered up to courage to go by myself to LA. (Woot woot, here ‘s to traveling alone.) As soon as I walked into the conference I made friends.

I had that feeling in my gut that I was on the verge of something great. Sure enough when it was all said and done I walked away feeling that I had knowledge that empowered me to become an agent of good…  just like their motto promised!

Here are the 3 biggest takeaways I had.

Don't Judge A Book By Its Followers

Soaking up the knowledge & Vitamin D

It wasn’t until this conference that I realized the impact a number could have on someone perception of you. Have you ever met someone with a high number of followers and had a certain expectation of who they would be? Have you ever been treated differently because of social media presence? I find it hard to admit it to myself but I know I’ve treated people different based on their social media following. Shame. I know. I didn’t raise myself to be this way so I made it a point to come to the conference as a blind bat.

I didn’t do any research on the panelist or guest speakers for the event so I wouldn’t have an opinion on them based on their following.

I was floored and I mean floored by the all the speakers & panelist. It wasn’t until they were done that I would stalk them on social media & on their website. I couldn’t believe that they didn’t have a million followers or more. Most of them had 1,000 – 5,000 followers. It humbled & reminded me that these folks are so busy making an impact on the world that their focus isn’t having a million followers.

Find A Greater Purpose Than Yourself

The entire conference was themed as “Doin’ Good.” Every single speaker & panelist spoke about the good we have the power to do in the world.  It was eye opening to see how you can be in business and give back at the same time. A simple concept that I had forgotten about it.

I sometimes lose motivation when I work for my own goals. Yet, when you’re an entrepreneur that knows your efforts will help someone else, that responsibility is taken very seriously. You no longer wake up in the morning looking for inspiration or motivation. You have a purpose greater than yourself, you have an obligation to the world to make it a better place.

This lesson was so vital for my growth. I was exposed to so many creative entrepreneurs that are giving back to the world in a way that I would never thought possible. Some of my favorites this weekend were.

1 . @alyssaya Founder of Hiptipico – Allyssa Yamamoto is such a sweetheart. I was able to steal her away for a couple of minutes and her vibe was just so peaceful. She moved to Guatemala & helps locals sell their products for a fair price. My words don’t do what she is doing justice so heres a video that I hope will move you the way that it moved me.

2. @theshineproject founder of The Shine project – Ashley Lemieux brought me to tears. Her story is so moving and created a fire in me to want to do more. Her business is dedicated in helping at risk youth break the cycle and reach their full potential. I truly can’t express how amazing her work is, in hopes to bridge that gap check out the video below.

3. @Nataliewarne activist TED Speaker – Natalie Warne has produced award-winning international human rights campaigns from the age of 17.

The biggest smile on my face as I met Natalie Warne

I watched her Ted Talk about 2 years ago and was in awe of her resilience and persistence for change. As you can imagine when I saw her at the Yellow Conference I was ecstatic. I was able to talk to her and grab a quick fan girl picture. She empowers women and young people to be the change they want to see in the world. If you haven’t already, check out her inspiring Ted Talk,

Everyone Feels The Struggle

For those of you who have followed my journey on Empowering Women Now for the past 2 years, you’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. I used to focus on click bait… hard. I was really good at it. In fact when I was focusing on click bait I made a lot of money. I also focused on really sassy quotes. I created content that went viral but I didn’t feel good about it.

I wondered if I should just go back to doing that since the products I had created weren’t really cutting it. However, Moorea Seal said something in her speech that really struck a cord with me. “Just because you’re good at it, doesn’t mean you have to do it.”

Moorea Seal dropped some wisdom bombs on me.

I had never heard this powerful truth. I think that as creatives we have tons of ideas and tons of passions. Sometimes we experience success in one aspect of our business and feel confined to continue in that path even when it clearly does not bring us happiness.

I found comfort in knowing that I am not the only one struggling. So many of the women at the conference had a similar story. They were working on their passion while working at their full-time job. Sometimes I feel like an imposters because I am not able to solely focus on Empowering Women Now. I was reminded to not feel bad for making a way to pay my bills. There is nothing wrong with making sure your basic needs are met. One day I will be able to focus on my passion full time and look back at the struggle as my monumental journey for success.

I absolutely recommend every girl boss to go to the Yellow Conference. I certainly will be there next year on August 23, 2018. Grab your early bird tickets and pay a fraction of the full price.

This just in, Yellow Co. has released a monthly membership starting at only $33.00 a month!

The membership includes:

  • Monthly Interactive Periodicals & Workbook
  • Monthly do-good challenges
  • Monthly vouchers and discounts on do-good product
  • Monthly gatherings in person on digitally
  • Access to their online community of world changing women
  • Various inspirational prints, stickers and goodies every month

If you’re interested in becoming part of the Yellow Community join their membership program.


  • Emancipated foster youth
  • Sex Trafficking Victims
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  1. Hi the paragraphs following the photo of you with Moorea Seal really resonated with me SO much. The whole article was inspiring to read about what these women are doing.but the paragraph about feeling like an imposter is exactly how I feel at the moment. I’m working full time in a job I don’t particularly enjoy but im also studying full time to achieve my dream career – and feeling like a fake, like I’m stuck between 2 worlds. Thank you for saying there’s nothing wrong with working to pay the bills.
    Ive been on the verge of packing my study in and reading your article has taken pressure off me.
    Kindest regards

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