Hey wonder woman! (Sorry, a tad over excited about this week’s comic flick! I mean, can you blame me?!?! Gal Gadot, kicking ass! Yeah- I’m literally buying my movie ticket right now.)

I’m Mic-i-ah – The founder behind Of Noble – a brand for dream doers craving breakthrough. (http://ofnoble.com/)

And I’m here with a confession.

I made 3 BIG mistakes my first year in business, that majorly held me back. :/ And I DON’T want you- a dream doing badass, to make these same mistakes.

So I’m about to rat myself out, and share tips on how to reach your fullest potential this year!

Here are my 3 biggest mistakes.

Mistake #1. Working Too Much


Ok, hear me out- I’m one of those hustle your little heart out types. If I wasn’t married with an adorable cat- I would breathe work. (I’m like wired for the 7 day work week.)

But what I found, as I neglected the relationships in my life, and my own personal needs, is that the quality of my work went down.

Was I posting 9 instgram pics a week, growing my podcast listens, and building my email list? Yeah, totally!

But not as efficiently and powerfully as I could have been.

The question is not: “Am I doing as much as possible.”, but it’s “Am I making the biggest impact?”

Instead of scrambling like a crazy person and doing every idea that pops into my mind- I have learned to slow down, only green light the ideas with potential to impact the most people, and create business workflows and systems that make tasks more effortless.

I also have a stronger cut off time for work, to make sure I am resting at least once a day.

MISTAKE #2 Building My Empire Alone


It really is true- “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go further, go together.”

But for a workaholic introvert- those are fightin’ words! Lol.

It took me a year before I left the safety of my home, and started reaching out to local entrepreneurs in my area. And can I be real?

It has changed my business.

Because of me taking time to Instagram stalk local dream doers, email them to grab coffee, and build relationships- I now have my podcast show booked with sponsors, I have a surplus of incredible podcast interview guests, and I get to be in community with people that GET IT!

On top of all those things- the creative partnership opportunities are incredible! As well as doing work for trade.

Example: I’m a content girl through and through, but marketing strategy is not my jam.

Can’t I just create podcast episodes all day?!?! Lol.

But I just grabbed sushi with an entrepreneur last week that is a marketing specialist, with trouble making content. (How perfect is that?!??)

We are currently in talks to help each other out.

MISTAKE #3 Calling My Business a ‘Side Project’


Ok- let’s get one thing straight. You really are Powerful.

Every part of you! Your feelings, your words, your thoughts.

Early on in my business, I made the mistake of believing that I could fail- that Of Noble wasn’t a legitimate business until it makes 30k, 60k, or over 100k!

And I get it- those are practical goals and standards.

But ever since I started calling myself a business owner, the growth rate of my business has changed.

I’ve started to get more brave, more creative- I’ve started acting more like a boss- and as a result my business is growing more rapidly.

I’m learning that if you really intend for your business to win- you gotta go ALL in. And that starts with you thoughts and declarations; If you can imagine your success- if you can declare that it will happen, just as surely as you declare, “I WILL get Coffee!”- your results will change.

Alright wonder women, if you want even more tips on dream doing, I got you!

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I’ll see you somewhere on the internet this week! Would love to continue to cheer you on, shower you in more tips, and meet you in the Insta DM. 🙂