15 Habits That Are Ruining Your Positive Mindset (1)

Have you been struggling to feel like yourself lately? I sure have.

For the past month of so I could not shake this weird energy that I had. I kept hearing people tell me that I needed to start thinking positive but it wasn’t that simple. Instead I decided to focus on the things that I was doing that were holding me back.

Positive thinking is a habit that can be easily cultivated. Negative thinking is also a habit that can easily be removed once you recognize it. It may seem like an effort initially. But soon it will become part of your life.

Here are the 15 things I discovered were killing my positive mindset:

  1. Oversleeping.
    Have you ever slept so much that when you wake up you’re still tired? That was me. I kept killing my own energy. Practice getting out of bed on time.
  2. Overthinking.
    Generally speaking I don’t struggle with this one too badly. I tend to take it day by day. Yet, over the last couple of months I kept thinking of how my business could go wrong. I literally thought of every possible worst case situation. I realized I was being my own worst enemy. I decided to give my mind a rest and stop overthinking situations that most likely would NEVER happen.
  3. Overeating.
    It makes your mind cloudy. Instead I began practicing self-control.
  4. Setting goals which you can’t control.
    It creates unnecessary stress. One of my year goals was to have a healthy relationship with my dad. The goal would be achievable but that would require my dad to want the same thing. I decided to cross that off my list and give myself peace of mind.
  5. Multi-tasking
    I kept putting more on my plate than I could handle. It turns out multi-tasking was putting my  energy in different places. I was becoming unfocused. Once I stopped and became focused on one task, my energy levels drastically changed for the better.
  6. Worry.
    I was worrying about things that I can absolutely had no control over.
  7. Negative self-talk.
    I’ve increased my self-awareness and I shut down the negative talk ever time it begins. There is nothing more crucial in determining your future than listening to the words you tell yourself. It literally impacts everything in your life. If you speak words of hate to yourself, words of self-criticism, words that are not true, you’re going to have a terrible energy. Your energy will eventually destroy the positive relationships you have  and attract the negative. I’ve never met someone who speaks words of love to themselves be rude or mean to another person. It all starts with what you tell yourself.
  8. Indecision.
    It kept me stuck. Instead I decided what I was going to do and and made adjustments along the way.
  9. Attention-seeking.
    I stopped seeking attention, instead I worked on myself and let people discover who I really am. I also stopped following people on social media who’s sole purpose is to get “likes.” I was feeding their ego and allowing them to continue this destructive cycle that drained my energy. I focused on only following people who were providing some type of positive impact on my life. (Teaching, motivating me, empowering, etc.)
  10. Fighting inner resistance
    I stopped doing things that I really didn’t want to do and focused on the things that brought me joy.
  11. Blaming.
    It got me emotional for the wrong reason and solves nothing. People will shun you too. Instead I took responsibility for my actions and moved forward.
  12. Feeding your mind with junk information.
    This one ties in with number 9. I stopped watching entertainment news that was filled with information that did not have a purpose in my life. I was beginning to become attached to knowing about celebrities instead of focusing on what I was doing. I removed the source that is taking up my valuable energy.
  13. Living in the past.
    I kept playing over and over again in my head things that I could have done, things I could have said, how I wish my life would have started. It was extremely hard to realize that I needed to let go. I promised myself that I would only look to my past to see how far I’ve come.
  14. Resisting change.
    The only constant thing in life is change. I’ve embracing change more and more everyday. I’ve also started to provoke change in my life. Attending events that are out of my comfort zone, reading books that I would normally not read, talking to people that I work normally not say a word to. Being for change instead of against change has increased my positive mindset.
  15. Trying to help people who refuse to help themselves.
    I think that as women we want to help, we want to see our loved ones succeed. The problem here is that we can’t force them to change. They have their own, sovereign unique right, their inherent dignity – again, for bad or for good – to be who they want to be. Once I let go of trying to help people that did not ask for it, my positive self started to come back.

Being positive is something I work on everyday. I’ll admit there are those rare days that I still don’t feel 100% me but that is completely normal. I know it’s impossible to be positive all the time but at least the majority of my days are spent with a good vibe.

I hope this article serves you with some advice than can help you live a happier life. Feel free to share what keeps you in a positive mindset in the comments down below. #empoweringwomennow